Welcome to my Miniature Designs 

   I have been in love with miniatures all my life!  Since I was a little girl collecting trinkets, they have been my joy!  Now I have fallen in love with designing, creating and making my own miniatures.  From dollhouse curtains, shades, furniture, plants to miniature accessories and shadow/room boxes...I just have so many ideas of items I want to create!

   So I opened a shop on Etsy to have a place to sell the items I create.

This photo was to show off some of my plants....which is where I started.

   Please wander through my photos to see more...or stop by my Etsy shop, or just ask me for a custom piece...we can work together to design just what you need!  

   For Starters:

I would love to know what you would like to hear about, for my first blog, that is!

Do you want to know about me, about my hobbies, about my business, about my trials and errors in making my miniatures?  This will be a learn as I go process, as is everything in life, I guess!

I have never written anything, unless you can call my Etsy listings writing.....and I really am behind in the times...what exactly is a blog anyway?  I also must tell you that I am what would be known as 'Technologically Challenged', so just figuring my way around this new website has been a real challenge!!

So contact me, tell what interests you, and I will do my best to come up with some interesting words to add to this page...might even be able to say I can blog...we shall see!

Well, for the past week, I have been making miniature bottles from beads and jewelry findings for a customer who asked for something custom.  As seems to be my way, I created over 30 miniature bottles (as I wanted to give her enough choices so she could find 5 that suited her needs).  I seem to just get carried away when I start making them!  As I spot a bead, I  think to myself, that would make a great bottle....then I search for findings to compliment it....(she wanted all gold findings, so that was my goal)....and then I spot another bead, and another, and another, and the next thing I know--30 bottles!  So here is a picture of most of the bottles I made that week.  After she chose the 5 she wanted, I needed to group the rest into sets that I could sell in my shop....but bottles aren't enough, I needed other items to complete the sets... so I made trays for each set and I decided to try something new... I made some paper fans, from miniature printables that I found online!  And as soon as I get my photos together, I will be showing you my newest sets!
So be sure and stop back....they will be up by next week!
For now, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!

I made this conservatory for my Mom, who recently passed from liver cancer...such a rotten disease.  So now it is back in my care.  I actually laid the floor from tiny tiles of glass that I cut (as stain glass and mosaics are hobbies I do, also).  the floor is glued and grouted in a flower design. I made all the plants that you see, including the hanging ones.  I did not make the wire furniture, those I did purchase.  I added some tiny lights, to set a peaceful mood....and of course a couple cups of coffee to relax and unwind with.  Yes, this is my oasis.  It's funny how the stress fades away when I picture myself there.  Thanks for visiting!

These are some of the furniture pieces I have made. I laid the mosaics piece by piece. They are quite a challenge (my eyesight is not what it used to be), but I really love making them!  And I enjoy making  custom items, so please contact me with yours!

How about some feminine items to finish off that bare dresser or bathroom shelf?

Lamps can be so fun, but I have not tackled electricity yet...so they are just for show, none actually light (yet!)
My very first shadowbox....I added the wallpaper, wood paneling and flooring.  Then made the furniture, the window shade, lampshade (with colored footprints on it), and all the little accessories that you see!  This would make a wonderful gift for a Mom-to-be, or a great baby shower gift!  Truly a one-of-a-kind handmade original...made with Love!

I used to sell custom draperies (before I had children), so I brought that knowledge to my miniature window treatments...and yes, I love to take requests!

I enjoy making children's toys and necessities, too....If you have a request, I will attempt almost any project (I love to challenge myself)!

I get ideas in my head and just have to make something!
I was trying a few different ways to make a flame for a candle...and the wire baskets were especially fun and challenging to make! So was the box of ornaments...and I can do wood working too, as shown with the screen door!
Crystal flowers, bonsai, silk flowers....always fun to create!

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I will be working on adding pictures, details, perhaps a blog...give me time, as I am very technologically challenged!  and thank you for your patience!

Be sure to stop by my Etsy shop!
You will find miniatures and so much more there!